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Cleo is Sonja's long-lost older sister who has been separated from Sonja, later she was freed. She is voiced by Jessica DiCicco.

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Cleo is motherly and caring to her sister and the others but sometimes can be a bit cold and harsh. She gets easily ticked off when people mistook her for a Shadowling.  

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Sonja Farrington Edit

Cleo's young teenage sister. She and Cleo reunited together in Sonja's Adventures of Kirby Right Back At Ya-Episode 60 after being separated from her sister, due to Cleo being asleep inside of Vixion's crystal for a hundred years.

Alister Azimuth Edit

Alister Azimuth got Cleo accidentally ticked off by mistakenly thought that she's a Shadowling and one of Vixion's henchmen at first but it turns out that she's not. Cleo told everyone that she's actually born with dark powers and creating dark crystals. However, throughout the series, Cleo becomes increasingly infuriated with Alister for thinking that she was a Shadowling by mistake especially if she's with Sonja and the others. She also nicknames Alister "Toothpaste Ringtail", she may have a level of respect for Alister including the fact that Alister nicknames Sonja as "Lemon cake", which annoyed Cleo a bit, but still continues to be angry at him

Sloane Azimuth Edit

One of Sloane's aunts. Sloane knew why Cleo didn't like Alister and nicknames him "Toothpaste Ringtail" at first because he thought she was a Shadowling and one of Vixion's henchmen by mistake. Sloane can get easily frightened by Cleo's wrathful temper towards Alister but Sloane still likes Cleo, much to Sonja's pleasure

Vegeta Edit

Cleo and Vegeta got into a rocky start but they quickly bonded when Vegeta knows how she feels about losing a parent (Lena and King Vegeta). Vegeta also likes to compliment Cleo's harsh and cold personality and he knows that she likes her sister too (Sonja).