Counterpart 6 is an evil group of doppelgangers and opposites of the Lombax 6. Together, they work for Queen Vixion and the villains and always fight their good counterparts and their friends, all of them have the same voices of the Lombax 6, but with darker tones

Members Edit

Hannah/Evil Sonja Farrington (leader)

Melody/Evil Sienna Willow

Kristen/Evil Ellie Wilson

Samantha/Evil Diana Harp

Elsa/Evil Scarlett Red

Jessica/Evil Summer Hill

Personality Edit

They are the opposite of the Lombax Six, which they are mean, arrogant, evil and cold-hearted.

Relationships Edit

Queen Vixion Edit

They are very loyal to Vixion and they always obey every order from her, much to Shadow Moon's dismay. In Sonja's Adventures of Kung Fu Panda 3, the Counterpart 6 betrayed Vixion and decided to join Sonja and the others, making Vixion really angry for Hannah and the Counterpart 5's betrayal

The Lombax Six Edit

Their only main rivals and good counterparts. They are trying to defeat Sonja's friends one by one in order to capture Sonja. After they reformed and joined Sonja's team, they fell into the ground because their bodies are getting weaker from fighting, they wanted their good counterparts and the others to remember the times that they fought together and they explained to them that they will rest for a few weeks, making the others concerned and burst into tears, they gave them a hug and their bodies disappeared, making the Counterpart 6 turn into pendants on each of their good counterparts' necks. Sonja and the others begged Queen Maline to revive them, but Cilona told Sonja and the Lombax 5 that their evil doppelgangers cannot be revived because Crystopillain powers are too weak and almost impossible to revive Hannah and the Counterpart 5. As the series progressed, the Counterpart 6 appeared as spirits and talked to Sonja and the others of how much their friendship is getting stronger and stonger in their adventures and have such great times they have together as a team. In Sonja's Adventures of Paper Mario: Color Splash, the Counterpart 6 returned to their normal bodies, fully healed. Sonja and the others are happy to see them again, and they gained a grand new upgrade, Enchanting Princess Forms. After defeating Bowser and the Koopalings, the Lombax 6 and Counterpart 6's friendship is formed and grew stronger and stronger throughout the series, making the Alister and the others proud of their friendship 

Difference and Rivalry between the Lombax 6 and the Counterpart 6 Edit

Sonja Farrington and Hannah Edit

Sonja and Hannah are both leaders. They are trying to defeat each other but once Hannah defeats her she'll bring Sonja to Vixion.

Sienna Willow and Melody Edit

Sienna and Melody are both the shyest members of the team. They both loved animals and nature but Melody's love for animals and nature is dark.

Ellie Wilson and Kristen Edit

Ellie and Kristen are both competitive. Kristen always hated losing and Ellie is okay of losing because she knows that she'll try again someday.

Diana Harp and Samantha Edit

Diana and Samantha both love fashion. Diana loves pink and wearing other pink clothes and Samantha loves dark pink and gray which she dresses up in dark colors.

Scarlett Red and Elsa Edit

Scarlett and Elsa are both gothic and punkish. Scarlett loves to rock out with her friends and Elsa only loves Gothic objects and hates rock music.

Summer Hill and Jessica Edit

Summer and Jessica both love the sun. Summer always loved to be outside a lot and Jessica loves the eclipse because it is dark and suitable for her.

Darkness Siren Power Edit

Similar to the Lombax 6"s Enchanted Power, expect they wear diamond-shaped pendants in their theme colors on their necks that allows them to gain bat-like wings in their theme color, their clothes are decorated in white sparkles and they wear silver tiaras with colored jewels of their good counterparts' theme colors.They first used it in Sonja's Adventures of The Little Mermaid

High-Pitch Siren Song Edit

The Counterpart 6's main attack. Their pendants and eyes turn crimson and began to sing in severely loud-screeching siren voices that sends out red sound waves which made Sonja and the others have to plug their ears because their attack allows the Counterpart 6 to weaken their enemies' strengths and moves, making them completely powerless, allowing the Counterpart 6 defeat their opponents