Courtney gears by sofiespangenberg-d89nqt5
Courtney Gears was a robotic pop star. She was a big supporter of the "Destroying the Squishies" movement. In the year 5356 she was considered the hottest pop star in the Solana Galaxy (though not due to her singing)

Role in the series

Personality Edit

Courtney Gears is generally seen as a manipulative character, while on the outside, she has the attitude and personality of a typical pop star and is seen as a nice character, although when working with Nefarious, her darker side was shown. When talking to Clank in Up Your Arsenal, she was acting flirty to Clank to manipulate him into dropping his guard so she could take him to Nefarious.

Courtney Gears is apparently a gold digger, going after anyone with money or power, as demonstrated by her flirting with Clank, and later with Reactor after she lost a lot of popularity Until Tyler Klause/Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Reprogramed Her To Be Good.

== Relationships ==

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