Crystopilians are friendly people that live in Planet Crystopilis where Maline ruled

Known Crystopilians Edit

Queen Maline (leader of Crystopilians and queen of Planet Crystopilis)

Princess Dewdrop (daughter of Queen Maline and princess of Planet Crystopilis)

Sonja Farrington (Half)

Cliona/Chandra (brainwashed and turned into a Shadowling, later turned back into a Crystopilian)

Citrine Topaz

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Crystopilians usually have white hair or light blue hair,long pointed elf-like ears, and different colored eyes: light cyan eyes, light blue eyes, and dark teal eyes with light cyan scerla. They also wear blue clothing and some had silver accessories

Powers Edit

Their powers are controlling crystals or morphing like Sonja when she turns into a Mermaid when she touches water. Sometimes their powers are really strong too.

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