Dimitri Lousteau was a professional lounge lizard and international forger. Once a passionate art student, he began a life of crime after incurring harsh feedback from critics. Eventually joining the Klaww Gang, Dimitri used his Parisian nightclub as a way to feed illegal spice to the population in addition to a cover for his forgery scheme.

After the fall of the Klaww Gang and his incarceration, Dimitri sought the help of the Cooper Gang in recovering hisgrandfather's treasured diving gear. In return, he joined them for the Cooper Vault heist.

Role in the series

Personality Edit

Dimitri spoke an odd form of English, which contained bits of street slang he learned from watching hip-hop music videos. He gave nicknames to his associates, calling Sly a "cracker box" and Murray "main man Murray". Dimitri also had an enormous ego, which was only enhanced when he obtained his diving gear. He also believed that he was irresistible to women, shown when he tried hitting on Penelope when they were alone, thinking she was in love with him rather than Bentley.

Relationships Edit

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