Icicle is the third and final member of the Crystopilian Trio and one of Queen Maline's servants

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Icicle is fashionable, sassy, sarcastic, feisty, snarky, smart-mouthed, free-spirited, wisecracking, and tomboyish. When anyone from Sonja's team gets distracted, she'll pinch their ears with her sharp fingernails so they'll feel how painful her nails are. Her personality is similar like Timon from Disney's The Lion King and Sour Sweet from Friendship Games

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Pixie Dark Edit

Alister Azimuth Edit

When she and Alister first met, Icicle laughs and teases of how Alister is afraid of spiders, much to Alister's anger. They always argue over trivial matters

Jasper Edit

Normally, she and Jasper are rivals. She also deeply despised the fact of Jasper and Sonja switching bodies with the Soul Gem