That's The Krimzon Guards

The Krimzon Guard (abbreviated KG, informally referred to as the Guard[1]) was both the military and police force in Haven City since before the events of Daxter and until its dissolution following the death of its leader Baron Praxis in Jak II. Acting as a gendarmery, it was succeeded by the New Krimzon Guard and later the Freedom League in Jak 3. Guards were clad in crimson armor and would patrol the streets of Haven City, responding to the alarm system and conducting property raids and mass arrests.[1] They were also deployed to some special operation areas, such as the drill platform and Haven Forest.

The Krimzon Guard was led by Haven City's ruler, Baron Praxis, but took orders from its captain, Torn, until he was replaced byErol as commander some time before the events of Daxter.[1]Ashelin Praxis, the Baron's daughter, also obtained rank as captain.[2]

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