Pokémon — Lucario
Lucario (Japanese: ルカリオ Lucario) is a major character in the third Advanced Generation series movie, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. He is able to speak through telepathy

Role in the series

Lucario serves as Sonja's first pokemon friend. He is always kept inside of Sonja's pokeball in Sonja's Adventures of Ratchet and Clank-Tools of Destruction. He comes out in his own much to Sonja's surprise. He is also served as a partner to Sonja in Sonja's Adventures of Total Drama-World Tour.

Personality Edit

Lucario was very respectful towards Sir Aaron, seeing himself as a student to his master in learning how to manipulate Aura. However, when Aaron trapped him in his staff just before leaving to sacrifice himself to the Tree of Beginning, Lucario was utterly shocked at his master's "betrayal" and lost all respect for him, as he did not know about the sacrifice.

Due to this experience, Lucario developed a high degree of animosity against all humans, saying that they couldn't be trusted. It wasn't until Lucario realized just how much Ash cared for his Pikachu that he began to trust humans again, developing a strong friendship with Ash in the process. As time went on, Lucario found out the truth behind Sir Aaron and his sacrifice, allowing him to forgive Sir Aaron for misunderstanding. Lucario's death allowed him to be forever at peace, and be with Sir Aaron in the after-life. 

Relationships Edit

Sonja Farrington Edit

Sonja is really good friends with Lucario. She and Lucario always worked together in adventures. When Lucario is revived by Sonja he decides to join with Sonja and her friends, being Sonja's first pokemon friend.

Alister Azimuth Edit

Lucario is always wondering why Sonja and Alister are together but Alister tells him that he and Sonja are both in love since the time that they met each other. He is really happy to see Sonja and Alister being together as always not being apart.

Sloane Azimuth Edit

Sloane is really good friends with Lucario. Lucario is one of Sloane's uncles and he always likes to protect Sonja and Alister's daughter all the time.

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