That's Miki Aono and Cure Berry

Aono Miki (蒼乃 美希 Aono Miki?) is a 14-year-old schoolgirl at Private Torigoe Academy for exceptionally talented performers. She is good at sports and has great sense in fashion, and is a hardworking, confident, but kind girl. When thoroughly pleased with herself, or a situation, she'll use the catchphrase "I'm perfect!" (あたし、完璧! Atashi, kanpeki!?). Her alter ego is Cure Berry (キュアベリー Kyua Berī?).

Miki dreams of being a top model, however despite being quite the beauty, she tries to stay modest about her appearance. She lives with her mother whose house doubles as a hair salon. She has a younger brother named Kazuki, who lives with their father since their parents are divorced. When they do have the chance to spend time together, Miki lovingly dotes on him to the point he mistaken as her boyfriend from others point of view. Miki joins Love in her dancing group because she decides that it would be a great way to stay in shape.

Role in the series

Personality Edit

Miki is kind like Love, and has a sense of humor. She is seen to be charming, mature, and beautiful by others due to her calm and elegant nature. Since little she dreamed of being a supermodel, and is very social - to the point that she wasn't sure how to approach Setsuna's lack of social skills.

She is normally calm and caring, but she is shown to have a short patience when dealing with new things.

Relationships Edit

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