Moona is one of Sonja's enemies and one of the villains of Sonja's Adventures series

Role in the series

Personality Edit

Although she works with Shadow Moon and Pixie Dark, she is rather ditzy, carefree, giddy, air-headed, scatterbrain, funny, and crazy. She always blurt out that Dr Nefarious was in love of Queen Vixion, so much to Shadow Moon and Pixie Dark's annoyances. Her personality is similar like Sonata Dusk from Rainbow Rocks. Despite this, Moona's also actually sympathic and and a master of disguise; for example in Sonja's Adventures of Kung Fu Panda 2, she sympathized for Sonja when she fears that Zonja's a part of her when she disguises herself as Juliet

Interests Edit

Likes Edit

Dislikes Edit

Relationships Edit

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