Nina Cortex is Neo Cortex's beloved niece or daughter. She is a gothic girl with bionic hands which act as grappling hooks. Since Crash Tag Team Racing, she has developed a fierce rivalry with Coco Bandicoot.

Role in the series

Nina Cortex is enemies with Sonja and her friends in Sonja's Adventures of Crash of the Titans and she works together with her in Sonja's Adventures of Crash Twinsanity to stop the Evil Twins and Chandra.

Personality Edit

In her first appearance in Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage, Nina has a childish personality and speaking pattern, referring to herself in the third person and calling Spyro a "purple puppy". This personality was removed from subsequent games. Canonically, Nina is known to be more ambitious and egotistical than her uncle; even Aku Aku believes that Nina is "a lot smarter than Cortex ever could be.", though it is unknown if she really is smarter as she needed Coco to build the robot in Crash of the Titans. Nina seems to be more "street smart" or has more (or less) common sense than her uncle. She is very spiteful and sadistic and has a Gothic look. She also has an antisocial demeanor. Alongside those traits, Nina is quite a tomboy, whilst Coco is girly. The only feminine trait Nina really has is taking care of her 'nails'. She likes to crack her knuckles and get into fights. She dislikes Evil Public School as of Mind Over Mutant due to the perceived inferior value of her schoolmates (whom she describes as the "dregs of society") to those of Madame Amberly's private academy, where she saw herself as "the queen". She additionally hates Crash for being the reason for her stay at the Evil Public School.

Relationships Edit

Chandra/Cliona Edit

It is revealed that Nina and Chandra are both best friends and they go at the same school. Cliona learns about evil magic or dark magic so she can be like Vixion. Nina Cortex tells Cliona that she wants to be like her father when she gets older. She and Cliona had so much things in common.

Sonja Farrington Edit

Sonja and Nina Cortex are both enemies. Nina is sometimes sent by Vixion in oder to capture her. In Sonja's Adventures of Crash of The Titans, Nina tells Sonja once she kill Crash she'll deliver her to Vixion so she can be turned into a Shadowling to become her best friend.

Summer Hill Edit

Summer is enemies with Nina. She knows that she'll defeat Nina for Crash Bandicoot and Summer also tells that Crash is her boyfriend now.

Crash Bandicoot Edit

Like her uncle she doesn't like Crash. In Crash of the Titans, she takes over Cortex's plan about destroying Wumpa Island with the Doominator and also destroying Crash too.

Dr. Cortex Edit

Nina's uncle. In Crash Twinsanity, when Nina got captured by Evil Crash, Dr. Cortex really almost called his daughter but she is actually, Dr. Cortex's niece.

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