Rodney Copperbottom is the main protagonist of the film Robots. He is the son of dishwasher Herb Copperbottom and his wife, Lydia. Rodney is an aspiring inventor who idolizes the famous Bigweld. Rodney's dream is to go to Robot City to work as an inventor for Bigweld Industries.

Role in the Series

Rodney first appears in Sonja's Adventures of Robots. He makes some appearances in Sonja's Adventures of Kirby Right Back At Ya. During his time in Dreamland he met a Pokemon named Klink who is interested in Rodeny's inventions.

Personality Edit

Rodney Copperbottom is a determined and persistent inventor who won't give up on his dreams. He's easy to get along with others such as Cappy, Fender, and Aunt Fanny. He is helpful to the other robots in their time of need like when he puts Fender's neck back on.

Relationships Edit

Sonja Farrington Edit

Meloetta Edit

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