Samantha, known as Evil Diana Harp is an evil doppelgänger of Diana Harp. Hannah created her with Diana's DNA and pieces of Diana's hair from her hairbrush

Role in the series

Samantha is one of Hannah's creations which she is working for the Grizz. She had Dark Vegeta in her side but he is defeated by Reia and brought back to normal. She is looking for Goku like the Counterpart 5.

Personality Edit

Samantha's personality is the opposite of Diana Harp, she is really cold-hearted, sassy, sarcastic, fashionable, vain, selfish and really evil. Samantha has the same voice as Diana but with a darker tone.

Interests Edit

Likes Edit

Dislikes Edit

Relationships Edit

Diana Harp Edit

Her good counterpart. She and Diana had a lot in common which it is fashion. Samantha told Diana of what else she likes fashion, she likes to defeat all of Sonja's friends and capture Sonja.

The Grizz Edit

The person that she is working for. She always stays beside him through out the time when Sonja and her friends are at 10,000 BC timeline.

Hannah/Evil Sonja Farrington Edit

Samantha's leader of the Counterpart 6. She meets up with Hannah later on in Paris where all the defeated Counterpart 5 are with Le Paradox.

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