Sarah West and Sonja's Adventures Of An American Tail is a Movie to Be Edited By Sonja Farrington on Youtube!

About Sarah West and Sonja's Adventures of An American Tail Edit

Sarah West, Sonja, Ratchet, Clank, Po, Master Shifu, The Furious Five, The Pretty Cure All Stars (Including Cure Echo & the International Pretty Cure), Rayman, Globox, Barbara, Sonic The Hedgehog and His Friends, Lightning McQueen and The Car Gang, Woody Woodpecker (1940), Chilly Willy, Andy Panda, Chris, Joy, Gizmo, Mrs. Brisby, Jeremy The Crow, Teresa, Martin, Timothy, Cynthia, Justin, Auntie Shrew, Mr. Ages, Jenny McBride, Cecil, Basil The Great Mouse Detective, Doctor Dawson, Olivia, Hiram Flaversham, The Sailor Scouts, Princess Anna & Snow Queen Elsa Meets Fievel Mousekewitz and His Family in Russia! But Their Original Home Got Invaded By The Cossack Cats! So, The Crew Migrates from Russia to New York! While On The Journey, Fievel Got Overboard, and in Which, He and The Crew Floated To America on a Bottle, But However, When Fievel & The Crew are going to Find Fievel's Family, Warren T Rat Has Caught Most of The Crew and Puts Them To Work! But They Escape With Tony and Bridget, Later on, Fievel and The Crew got Lost again, But This Time, The Cats (Except Tiger) Caught Them! And Locks Him in a Cage, But Fievel and The Crew Lets Tiger Become Friends! and They Defeated Warren T Rat & The Cats With The Giant Mouse of Minsk! and The Family Reunites with Fievel and The Crew! & They all Saw The Statue of Liberty Being Finished!

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