Shadowling 6 was an evil group of Shadowling versions of the Lombax 6. After Hannah and the Counterpart 5 betrayed Queen Vixion and joined Sonja's team, Vixion decided to create Shadowling versions of Sonja and the Lombax 5, known as the Shadowling 6

Members Edit

Night/Shadowling Sonja (leader)

Luna/Shadowling Sienna

Dusk/Shadowling Ellie

Indigo/Shadowling Diana

Twilight/Shadowling Scarlett

Flare/Shadowling Summer

Personality Edit

The Shadowling 6 are always extremely beautiful, elegant, mean, evil, mysterious, dark, cruel, harsh, sly, cold-hearted, arrogant, abusive, sadistic, eccentric, macabre, murderous, violent, vain, hostile, aggressive, impulsive, malicious, cunning, merciless, destructive, unpredictable, ruthless, devious, remorseless, and torturous. They also appeared to have such cruel and dark sense of humor and enjoyed antagonizing, taunting and torturing Sonja and the others and mostly Alister Azimuth. Their dark beauty captures the people's eyes and makes them feel very vulnerable. They also loved playing with people's emotions and laughing of how Sonja and the others would die after being defeated by them

Relationships Edit

Rivalry and Difference Between the Lombax 6 and the Shadowling 6 Edit

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