Shadowlings are evil minions of Vixion that lived in Planet Jocasta

Known Shadowlings Edit

Queen Vixion (leader of Shadowlings and queen of Planet Jocasta)

Shadow Moon


Pixie Dark

Cilona/Chandra (brainwashed and turned into a Shadowling, later turned back into a Crystopilian)

Shadow Dust (Deleted Scene)

Personality Edit

They are evil, cold-hearted, selfish, brutal, and violent.

Appearance Edit

They have pale skin, elf-like ears, black eye makeup, dark gray eyeshadow, black lipstick, and black hair. Some have violet eyes with dark purple sclera and some of them had dark purple or violet eyes. They also wear purple and black clothing and some had silver accessories

Powers Edit

Their powers are dark which they can make dark crystals or deadly aura.

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