Shimmer by thecrystopilisempire-d80hwoq
Shimmer is a member of the Frumpets and works along with Twinkle and Glimmer

Role in the series

Personality Edit

Shimmer's personality is similar to Aria Blaze. She is a bit sarcastic and really harsh as being one of the means girls in the school. She's also bratty, sassy, mean, cold-hearted, chatty, and beautiful

Relationships Edit

Sonja Farrington Edit

Shimmer is enemies with Sonja. She likes to tease and bully her at the school along with Twinkle and Glimmer.

Vegeta Edit

When the Frumpets found out about Sonja's location. Shimmer and the Frumpets started to bully anyone in the city. When Shimmer bullied Vegeta or got him ticked off she told him that he really need to take a chill pill, making Vegeta plan to get revenge in Shimmer for bullying or ticking him off

Ratchet Edit

Ratchet stood up for Sonja's friends and tell her to pick someone in her size, which got Shimmer ticked off. Throughout the series, Shimmer becomes increasingly infuriated with Ratchet for standing up, and they will get into fights or arguments. Sometimes, Ratchet teased Shimmer about her "sassy sarcastic bullying" nonsense, which got her very ticked off and wished so bad to get Ratchet back

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