Sienna Willow
Sienna Willow is the Lombax of Nature. She has a love for music by playing her flute. Sienna is really shy when meeting people. She is voiced by Andrea Libman (who did Fluttershy from My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic).

Role in the series

Personality Edit

Sienna's personality is similar to Fluttershy's. She is really shy, gentle, sweet, kind, polite, helpful, compassionate, forgiving, sweet-tempered, graceful, sympathetic, and selfless. Sienna really respects Sonja really well including her friends. She is one of the kindest members of Sonja's team. She is a big fan of romance when she's ten-yrs old and she can get really excited when she saw someone kissing. Sienna can easily become sad and sensitive when something goes wrong. She although will try her hardest not to give up, reminding herself of what Sonja has taught her. Despite her shyness, she's also actually very smart, clever, and observant. She's great at spying without being seen; She knows every plan that Vixion, Bowser, or one of the villains planned to capture Sonja. She even spies on Sonja when she's alone with someone or by herself


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Silver the Hedgehog Edit

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