Sir galleth inshinyarmor
Sir Galleth Cooper is Sly Cooper's ancestor from Medieval England. He is a brave and honorable knight and a cunning thief who fought with a lance in the shape of the Cooper Cane. 

Role in the series

Personality Edit

As a knight, Sir Galleth had a bombastic and over-dramatic personality, proving to Sly and the gang that he is not as skilled as the Thievius Raccoonus detailed him to be, and is also quite proud as shown when, after being saved from the mechanical “Moat Monster” by Carmelita, he made her promise to keep it a secret between them as "rescue by a fair damsel wounds him deepest."

He speaks in a heavy medieval English accent similar to how "Tennessee Kid" Cooper speaks in a southern American "cowboy" accent. It is suggested that they may not understand each other much as Tennessee stated when in Le Paradox's blimp that Sir Galleth "talks funnier than a two headed jackalope." He also shows great respect to the Coopers before him as he refers to Salim as "Sir Salim" in the blimp.

Relationships Edit

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