Sloane Azimuth

Sloane Azimuth is Sonja and Alister's beloved daughter. She is born in Sonja's Adventures of Kirby Right Back At Ya-Fright to the Finish and makes her appearance as a kid in Sonja's Adventures of Ratchet and Clank-All 4 One. She is voiced by Michelle Creber (who did Apple Bloom from My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic).

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Sloane is kind and beautiful, (Like her mother, Sonja) and also a bit tough and athletic (Like her father, Alister Azimuth).

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Sonja Farrington Edit

Sloane's beloved mother. She loved Sonja really much and she always be so proud by her mother. In Sonja's Adventures of Kung Fu Panda 3, Sonja is really proud of Sloane when she got her Enchanted Powers and she tells her that she'll be perfect no matter what.

Alister Azimuth Edit

Sloane's beloved father. Alister Azimuth likes to play with his daughter or cradle her while she is asleep gently. Sloane likes her father so much. Alister became a really happy and gentle father after Sloane is born.