Snowdrop is the second member of the Crystopilian Trio and one of Queen Maline's servants

Role in the series

Personality Edit

Snowdrop is kindhearted, bright, bubbly, and cheerful. While she does take her duties as a royal guard seriously, she can also be easily distracted and gets confused easily. She is very loyal to the queen and Sonja and vows to protect the kingdom of the Crystal Shrines from the Shadowlings. She is also a bit of a scardy cat. She is said to have a large IQ.



Queen Maline, Sonja, friends, animals, the ocean, art, singing, treasures, watching TV, bubbles, and winter


Bugs (Especially cockroaches), the dark, when people say she is unneeded, seeing others cry, abandonment, thieves, when others burst her bubble, being hurt, ghosts (or anything else scary), and being judged

Relationships Edit

Queen Maline: Snowdrop is very loyal to Queen Maline and serves her well. She even says that she sees the queen as her idol and loves it when she compliments her.

Sonja: Snowdrop lives to protect Sonja from being turned into a Shadowling no matter what. The two have a very good relationship, with Sonja being the princess and all.

Crystalopian Trio: Snowdrop is a member of the Crystalopian trio and their brains. If there's something smart to be done shes the one to do it.

Shadowlings: Snowdrop is enemies with the Shadowlings due to the fact that they want to capture Sonja and turn her against her friends.

Powers and abilities Edit

Like most Crystalopians, Snowdrop can use light magic to control white smoke to project images and create crystals. She is also very smart with allows her to think out situations thoroughly and carefully.

Weapons: Snowdrop wields a crystal shield in battle and a Crystalopian flag. In the games, she also comes with a silver parasol.

Weaknesses Edit

Snowdrop is easily frightened and has multiple phobias like Sienna. She also might need to rely on others in battle and is often clumsy.

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