Topaz is the leader of the Crystopilian Trio and one of Queen Maline's servants. She made her debut in season three.

Role in the series

Personality Edit

Topaz is beautiful, regal, responsible, compassionate, loyal, mature, sharp-witted, devoted, protective, and motherly. When she's around with Sonja and the others, she appears to be intelligent because she can actually sense the Shadowling Trio and the villains' plans and was able to outsmart and foil their plans very easily



Crystopilis, Sonja's friends, being a royal guard, the mountains, Sonja, protecting others, having power, helping others in need, being herself, wisdom

Dislikes Edit

Queen Vixion, the Shadowling Trio, Sonja getting captured and being used for evil, Icicle scaring Sonja and Alister with spiders, Icicle's recklessness, Alister and Icicle getting into a fight, arrogance, Sonja missing her friends, Sonja's sadness, regret

Relationships Edit

Sonja Farrington Edit

Topaz has the duty of keeping Sonja safe when she visits the Crystal Shrines. The pair are friendly with one another, and protect each other.