Scarlett Towa
Akagi Towa (紅城 トワ Akagi Towa?), also known as Princess Hope Delight Towa in her kingdom, is a young girl who appears to be a true princess. Originally, she used to be one of the antagonists in Go! Princess Pretty Cure known as Twilight (トワイライト Towairaito?). She was said to be the daughter of Dyspear and had the title "The Princess of Despair", but it was revealed that she was actually brainwashed and was not related to her at all. She later becomes Cure Scarlet (キュアスカーレット Kyua Sukāretto?).

Role in the series

Twilight Edit

Twilight (トワイライト Towairaito?) was the evil alter ego of Towa. She became Twilight when Dyspear said she could make her dream of being a Grand Princess come true. As Twilight she is Dys Dark's Princess. She has her own catch phrase "Noble, Precious, and Beauteous."

Personality Edit

As Twilight, she seemed to take after her mother in terms of characteristics. She believed that dreams are pitiful illusions that people believe in. Twilight also saw the Pretty Cures as fake princesses. She was ruthless and vain, calling herself "Noble, Precious, and Beauteous." She would go to extreme lengths to dishearten Haruka.

When she was a young girl, she looked up to her older brother, Kanata. She dreams of becoming a Grand Princess and tries her best despite the fact that only the Princess Pretty Cure could become ones.

After being purified, she is shown to be somewhat naive and awkward around others and lacks social grace. She is not used to customs on Earth as she thought she could buy a castle and three housemaids. However, overall she's a kind person.

Relationships Edit

Master Shifu Edit

Shifu felt bad for Towa because he knows how after being brainwashed she felt ashamed for her actions. Shifu is happy to see Towa to get over it and let go of her past, he and Towa get along so well and Towa acts daughterly to Shifu

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